The Salt Lake Art Center School offers adult educational photographic related classes, which are not for credit and not offered at any other educational institution.


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Introduction to Digital Photography

This class will cover traditional camera handling techniques and controls necessary to produce exciting quality photographs. Students will be given assignments, which capitalize upon the principles just discussed for reinforcement. Bring your digital camera and instruction book to the first class.
Class is limited to 18 students. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students)

Evening section is open to all. Daytime section is part of the University of Utah class on B&W Film and Darkroom photography. Up to 3 Art Center students are allowed to enroll in this section.

Evening section:
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Instructor: Grant Gardner
Begins Jan. 14 (15 weeks with 1 week spring break)
TOTAL: $300

Daytime section:
Tuesdays, 8:50 am to 1:00 pm
Instructor: U of U staff
Begins Jan. 13 (15 weeks with 1 week spring break)
TOTAL: $300

Intermediate/Advanced Photography – Lighting Concepts

This class will embark on an adventure into seeing, understanding and using light. We will explore daylight, artificial light and flash. We will seek to cover the spectrum of using light in as many scenarios as possible and create some interesting portraits in class.
Class limited to 10 (minimum 5). Model Fee: $20 included in tuition.

Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Instructor: Rodger Newbold
Begins Jan. 15 (15 weeks with 1 week spring break)
TOTAL: $320 including model fee

Intermediate/Advanced Photography – Photographic Concepts, Part I

Digital photography offers endless creative opportunities, IF you know how to properly utilize it. This class will teach you how to maximize all of that technology into the inspired road to total understanding of photographic operations, techniques, procedures and developing a Photo workflow. Students will learn how to produce the best possible digital files and then move into the bold area of Creative Art Photography. We will rely on the principles given by the greats.

This class works in conjunction with the ADVANCED CONCEPTS PART II offered next semester, which will move into advanced methods of making Fine Prints, in order to provide the ultimate control in fine art photography.
Class is limited to 20 students. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students)

Tuesdays, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Instructor: Rodger Newbold
Begins Jan. 13 (15 weeks with 1 week spring break)
TOTAL: $300

A Shot of Your Own – Daytime

This class will be based entirely on you, the photographers, personal needs. Each week we will embark on a new venture of the class's desire. This is as close as it gets to personal instruction. Classes, discussions and critiques will revolve around the subject at hand for the week.
Our classes are based on the philosophy that students learn more by doing than simply by being instructed. We will help you learn to make the best possible photographs.
Minimum of 2 students.

Wednesdays noon to 2:30 pm
Instructor: Rodger Newbold
Begins Jan. 8 (15 weeks with 1 week spring break)
TOTAL: $300


Capitol Reef Workshop

April 24 - 26

This will be our spring workshop. It will be fully instructional concerning landscape photography, coupled with morning and evening shooting sessions.
Topics we will discuss are the differences and similarities of working in infrared, black & white and color. We will look at the available photo media available, the emotional feeling and response generated in the various arenas, and the pliable nature of the photograph.
We will examine the use and operation of the some of the new physical equipment used in image making. We will look at how various formats give life and leave their own stamp on the image.
Students will be responsible for their own photo gear, food travel and lodging. It is ADVISED to attend the advanced planning meeting on Monday April 6, 2015, at 6:30 pm, in the photo lab.

IMPORTANT DETAILS – If you want to go, registration begins in December and ENDS ON January 29, 2015.
Minimum of 6, maximum of 12. The first twelve people to pay their enrollment will be accepted.

April 24 - 26
Instructors: Rodger Newbold, Mike Adams, Matt Rich
TOTAL: $200

No refunds on workshops without paid up replacement participant.

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Classes begin Wednesday, January 8 and end Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monday January 19 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday February 16 - Presidents Day
Spring Break - March 15-22
NO labs over these weekends and as otherwise noted

All Lab Fees are used for, but not limited to, Xerox handouts, binders, demo paper, show prints, chemistry, new software and all hardware maintenance.

All classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is low. A full refund will be made IF a class is cancelled. All tuitions must be paid by week two of the class. No refunds after the third class.

Online registration for classes may be found here, or you may call the Art Center during regular office hours at 801-328-4201. IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY DIFFICULTY IN REGISTRATION, CALL RODGER NEWBOLD (director of photography) 801-597-3565

What to bring to class: see lists here for chemical and digital classes. Other material lists depend on individual class; list will be provided by instructor.

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